Have you ever wanted to visit the college of your dreams, and get a real tour?

Dear prospective students,

Have you ever wanted to visit your dream colleges or universities and get REAL experiences? No, not just tours with your parents and staff members from the schools—real experiences! Finding the right school can be very hard, and choosing the wrong one is a very costly mistake. Staff members who lead college tour groups are notorious for their unrealistic, sugarcoated descriptions of their schools; they are often intent on selling their school to prospective students, regardless of whether the schools are good fits. CollegeRoleModel helps high school students and college hopefuls find role models who then show them around their dream schools, thus giving them unique perspectives only students can provide.

We have admitted a broad range of applications from all kinds of universities to assist you in your search for the perfect college fit. Each role model has a bio next to his/her name, so you can choose the one to whom you best relate. If you do end up enrolling in the school, you will already have a peer, which will make your transition into college much more comfortable. Ready to get started? Below are the four easy steps to using our website.