“College Role Model is a great way for prospective students to get authentic experiences and insights, which eventually help them choose the right schools.” – Stephen
“College Role Model made my college visiting process much more honest and allowed me to see the true postives and negatives of the schools I visited. THANKS SO MUCH!” – Hannah
“College Role Model is the best college job around. What is better than making money while showing perspective students the amazing college you attend?” – Joe
“Met a new best friend and cannot wait to see her around campus. Thanks so much! Your admission tips really worked!!” – Heather

Ready to visit your dream college or university and have a REAL experience?

Welcome to College Role Model. College Role Model provides prospective students with real experiences on campuses across the county.  Our tours  are NOT just another visit with your parents and staff members from the schools. We offer real experiences with real students!

College Role Model helps high school students and college hopefuls find role models who will show them around their dream schools. We offer unique and personalized college tours  that only our students can provide.

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Become a Role Model

Interested in being paid to help students find the college of their dreams? Sign up to be a Role Model! As a Role Model, you will share with students the real college experience, such as the best places to eat or the worst places to park. Imagine how helpful information like that would have been to you when you were choosing a college. As an actual college student, your advice and knowledge is much more valuable than any faculty tour that only tells prospective students the positives of the college.

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Imagine having a personal relationship with a college student who will give you all the need-to-know about your dream college. You are able to hand pick a student with similar interests, major, hometown etc. so you can truly bond with them. Thinking about playing a varsity sport? Choose a Role Model on that sports team at a particular college! Being paired with a Role Model means you are guaranteed the most reliable information about the admissions experience, the campus life, and the academics. How great would it be to know where the best parties are or where the worst traffic is before even attending the college? Your Role Model will be able to share with you the real positives and negatives of the school – information that a brochure or faculty member just won’t be able to provide.

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